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Hello and welcome to Web Design Lanzarote. We are experts in the Website Design and Internet Marketing field who have been established in Lanzarote for 8 years. In that time we have developed tools and strategies that have placed our websites as number 1 in Google with up to 100 million competitors pages!  Our main objective is to not only produce a fantastic website for your business, but to market that website so that everyone knows who you are and what you have to offer.

Website Design

We have a highly experienced and committed team at hand to provide you with the design you desire. We offer the option to provide editing functions and a range of services with the aim to establish you an online presence to increase the credibility and awareness of your product or service. READ MORE


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Facebook, twitter, Flickr, Digg it, Linked In….. The growth of social media marketing has been phenomenal in recent years.Social Media helps you to build a relationship with clients and let them know of any prospective promotions, events, share images, experiences, reviews and much more. Word of mouth is a brilliant form of advertising, and that’s what social media is all about. READ MORE


SEO Services

You could have the prettiest looking website in the world but if nobody can find your website there is very little point spending the money in the first place! This is where SEO comes in. SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization) is made up of specialist  techniques to ensure your website is high in the Google ranking system so that your website is seen by a global audience.  READ MORE


 Web Design Lanzarote

Being both a holiday Island and residents paradise, businesses in Lanzarote have their work cut out for them catering for both sides of the spectrum.Thousands of people in Lanzarote (or people planning to visit Lanzarote) search for their desired business before purchasing every month. Many business owners are surprised at the monthly searches for their particular business in Lanzarote.

Although in many respects Lanzarote is behind in the modernised world! the Internet world is a global phenomenon and we cannot stress enough the potential of its power.

 This means thousands of potential customers  that your business is missing out on.

Here at Web Design Lanzarote, we have helped many businesses from every sector imaginable. From joiners and builders, to traders of the stock markets! to increase their online presence and to dramatically increase their profits.

The Internet is the cheapest yet most effective method of advertisement in today’s society,  here in Lanzarote this is the case now more than ever. Lanzarote is an up and coming market,  and with extensive growth happening in a short space of time, it can be hard to establish and market a business against the hundreds of competitors out there.

Here at Web Design Lanzarote we have the experience and know how to market Any business. From Estate Agents and Villa Management companies, to Bars and Restaurants. Web Design Lanzarote can help your business be seen by a global audience of prospective clients.

In recent years you will have seen fantastic growth of facebook and twitter,  and for many businesses it is vital that you incorporate this in your website design. 

We appreciate every business in Lanzarote is unique and therefore every Web Design and marketing package should be individually tailored.


 We offer free consultations to discuss your specific requirements and also to offer impartial advice that we feel may benefit your business.

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 In the current economic climate, raising awareness of your business is essential to compete in this ever more competitive world.

Modernise your online presence and contact us today, to see what Web Design Lanzarote can do for you and your business


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