Email Marketing:


Email marketing is the most cost effective way to deliver news, special offers and content to a targeted audience when you want and for almost zero cost.


This can be done via newsletters, emails or any other method you wish to use. The idea is to drip feed content to your customers, so that they remember your business and are updated of any news or events, or promotions you may be offering at any one time.


Just by capturing your current customers email addresses (which is done through tailored methods depending on the business sector) i.e. for a restaurant you may offer a discount on the price of the overall bill, and all that the customer has to do is enter their name and email and they will be taken to the discount voucher online.


This is just one example of using your website to capture emails, but you can use offline methods too such as comment cards, feedback forms or competitions to capture email addresses.


The idea is not to bombard your customers with constant sell sell sell, but to keep them informed, even if that means you send out a monthly newsletter which is nothing related to anything your business is selling. The idea of establishing a relationship with your customers is at the heart of any effective email marketing strategy.


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