Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in basic terms, is the process of using certain techniques and tools in order to make your website “search engine friendly.” i.e when you type into google (or any search engine) your site is one of the first to come up for your chosen keyword.

Your website needs a number of key elements to feature on the top positions on search engines. Google for example like to promote informative sites with proper content and a genuine linking strategy.

Whilst nobody can guarantee any positions on any search engines, we have achieved high rankings with numerous sites, using a variety of techniques that we have tried, tested and proved to work

We also offer an SEO management service, as not only is it hard work to get on page one of google, it is also hard to STAY on page one of google. This involves a lot of behind the scenes work, which we would be willing to undertake upon request.

Examples of our rankings can be found in the SEO portfolio section of this site, and proof is that our own website ranks high on major search engines…which is probably how you found us in the first place! :)

SEO is essential to ensure you are found by potential clients.

What is the point of having a fabulous website if nobody can find it or knows its there?!


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