The Free Advertising Tools EVERY Business MUST Have

Social Media sites are dominating the Internet. From Facebook, to Twitter, to LinkedIn to Flickr, to Google Buzz, to Delicious, you will struggle to find someone who does not have an account with at least one of these sites, many will have accounts with ALL of these sites!

That is what makes Social Media Marketing a superb tool to advertise your business or service FOR FREE.

Social Media Marketing is all about raising awareness to people about your business who in turn will then rave about you to their friends, who in turn….. you get the picture!


Social Media allows customers to share their experiences, photos, reviews, comments and keep in touch all from one interconnected platform. The enormity of social media is increasing every year, however so is competition, so you need to be jumping on the bandwagon now!


Recent Social Media Marketing Statistics

53% of Twitter users recommend companies and products in their tweets

74% of B2B companies aggressively using Facebook in social media marketing

57% of companies have acquired customers through LinkedIn

75% of small businesses in the U.K. engage in social media marketing

£3.1 billion will be spent on social media marketing in 2014

B2B spending on social media marketing will rise 67% over the next 3 years

20% of all website visitors to company sites come from social media

2 out 3 people that follow a brand on Twitter will purchase from that brand

66% of marketers saw a rise in search engine rankings due to social media marketing 


Social Media Marketing in Lanzarote

Many Small or newly established businesses in Lanzarote think that Social Media Marketing is only for the “Big Dogs” or that their customers are primarily from different countries so it wont help. Here at Web Design Lanzarote we can soundly say this is not the case!

The beauty of Social Media Marketing is that it connects people across the globe without people ever having to have met. Via this method we are able to set up and manage social media accounts for people we have never, or probably never will meet.

Every business, no matter how big, small or specialist can benefit immensely from  targeted Social Media integration.

If this is all new and a little alien to you, there is no need to worry. We can not only set up your social media accounts, but for those who are too busy or unable to manage their accounts, we take care of that also.


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